The PSU Electronics Prototyping Lab (EPL)


The EPL is a lab for rapidly prototyping electronics projects. It is meant for students (and eventually community members) to be able to walk in with an idea and CAD files and walk out with a fully functioning piece of electronics in an enclosure. Watch an introductory video on the lab.

For ALL other information, please see our wiki.

Lab Status

The lab is currently open to all PSU students and staff, and to community members by invitation only. We hope to be more fully open to the public in Fall 2013.

Status Update: The LPKF Is back in the lab!

Lab Equipment

Read about all of our equipment and policies on our wiki.

Using the Lab

Come on in during office hours (see calendar below) and we’ll train you on the equipment. Then you can come in during any office hours and use the equipment. If you’re trained on all the equipment and you have time to volunteer office hours, then it’s possible to become a lab manager and get 24 hour access.

Lab Calendar