Drill Press

Drill Press

The L.I.D. has a Central Machinery 10” 12-speed drill press. It’s a drill press: there’s not so much to say about it.

Operating Procedure

For safety, make sure you are wearing eye protection. Keep your fingers clear and lower the bit slowly: you’d be surprised how easy it is to drill your finger.

Make sure that the hole in the table is centered so that the drill bit will not hit it.

Changing Speed

It is rarely necessary to change the drill press speed.

For safety, please unplug the drill press before changing the speed. Otherwise, a bumped power switch could cause you to be injured by a belt.

The belt loosening mechanism (two stop thumbscrews on either side of the motor casing) is pretty non-functional. You will have to just horse the top belt off the center pulley if you want to change the bottom belt position.


We have the manual somewhere, but I don’t know how to make this wiki attach it.