Drill Press

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Drill Press

The L.I.D. has a Central Machinery 10” 12-speed drill press. It’s a drill press: there’s not so much to say about it.


ALWAYS wear PPE (personal protective equipment) in the machine shop area, including shatterproof eye protection. Keep all loose clothing and jewelry secured, and any long hair tied back. Closed toed shoes are required to be in the machine shop area.

ALWAYS clean up your area when you are finished.

NEVER leave the chuck key in the chuck! It can turn into a dangerous projectile if the drill press is turned on while it is still in.

Operating Procedure

Adding Drill Bits

To add a new drill bit to the chuck, you want to start by loosening the chuck. In order to do so, hold the bottom of the chuck, and turn the top of the chuck. You will see the grips open and close. Tighten them to just large enough to hold the drill bit, and place your bit in.

Tighten them to just large enough to hold the drill bit, and place your bit in. It’s helpful to hold the bit in place with one hand and tighten with the other hand, or if you’re super cool, you can use the one handed technique shown below.

The final step is to tighten the chuck using the chuck key. Place the chuck key in the chuck and tighten it by rotating it counterclockwise.

WARNING: NEVER take your hand off the chuck key when it is in the chuck. It is supremely important that you do NOT leave the chuck key in the chuck on accident! If the drill press is turned on with the chuck key in it, it will shoot the chuck key in a random direction with high speeds.

Securing Your Material

Use the following tools to properly secure your material,

Adjusting the Base Plate

Turn the following to move the base plate up or down,

Bringing down the drill head

To move the drill head rotate the following,

Speed Configuration

It is rarely necessary to change the drill press speed. However, in special cases you may need to adjust the speed of the drill if the speed isn’t appropriate for your material. For safety, unplug the drill press from the power supply to avoid a bumped power switch pulling in your finger and mangling your hands. Unless you know what you’re doing, you may want to ask for EPL manager assistance with this process.

Open the upper enclosure.

The sticker on the inside of the lid gives you information about the appropriate drill speed for different materials of varying thicknesses.

Below is the data from this sticker.

Reference the material you wish to drill, and the approximate thickness to find the appropriate speed range.

To adjust the speed, you need to move the belts into the configurations shown in the Spindle Speeds diagram. Belts can be removed by applying force upwards while manually turning the spindle with your hands.


We have the physical manual somewhere in the EPL, ask a manager.