Shining 3D Scanner

Note: This is an alpha version of the SOP.

Table of Contents

About this Machine

picture of the machine

Short description of what this machine’s good for plus its advantages, disadvantages, and quirks.

Machine Safety

Include notes about possible hazards and the necessary procedures and equipment to avoid them. Make it clear that the user is responsible for their own safety and that of the people around them while using this tool.

How to Get Help

Include a list of which documents, websites, people, or mailing lists should be consulted in case of problems.

Using this Machine

These sections describe the standard usage and common pitfalls.


Calibration MUST be performed any time the scanner or turntable is moved. It MAY be performed before every use, but it is not necessary. To calibrate:

  1. Insert the calibration board into the board holder.
  2. Place the calibration board and board holder onto the center of the turntable, facing the scanner.
  3. Open the software as instructed in the Getting Started section aboves. Select EinScan-SP as the scanner model and go to NEXT. Getting started with calibration button, following the on-screen instructions to turn the calibration board in 3 directions. NOTE: Only rotate the calibration board during calibration, not at other times.


Describe how to check that the machine is okay to use. Describe make the machine ready to use.

The recommended size for objects that can be scanned with the Shinning 3D Scanner is from 30x30x30 mm (1.2x1.2x1.2 in) to 250x250x250 mm (38x38x38 in) and the weight is less than 5 kg (11 lbs).


Before Scanning

After Scanning



Tips and Tricks

List some sections describing advaned techniques.

Getting Started

Using the Scanner

Reference Material