Form 2 SLA Printer

Form Labs Setup (For Managers)

Before You Start

Check the general 3D Printing Guide

Formlabs 2 Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the EPL! We’re excited you’re getting started with the Formlabs 3D printer. This guide will provide a walkthrough for how to safely and efficiently use the Formlabs 3D printer so you can get going with your project. If you have any additional questions, please ask any EPL student managers for help, or email us at


Begin by opening the PreForm software located in the start menu on the workstation (eplmulti) near the formlabs machine.

See the basic program layout,

Importing Files:

Open your STL or OBJ files.

Setting Up:

Most parts print better when supported at an angle. For automatic set-up select “One Click Print.”, PreForm will then use the sequence of tools to “orient all”, “generate all”, and “layout all.”. If you would like to do this manually use the FormLab tools to adjust the model “Orientation”, generate the “Supports”, and adjust the “Layout”. Most parts print better when the model is in the center; if possible keep the model layout in the center of the print bed.


Once you have the model set-up, check for Printability. If your model has unsupported areas your print may fail; rotate the model around and look for any red areas like the screenshot below.

To correct this issue click on the PreForm tool “Supports”, “Edit Supports”, add in support points until the red area is eliminated, and click “Apply” to save the changes.

Finalizing Design:

If there are no red/unsupported areas your print is ready! You can now view the ‘Volume’ of material used and the ‘Print Time’ on the Info Bar.

Finally, confirm your print’s material and layer height, then click the orange print icon. Select which printer to upload the file to from the printer dialogue. Be sure to save your .form file into the queue folder.

Remember to save your stl or obj files to your folder on the eplulti computer and add your print information into the queue.

Things to Remember Before You Print

Removing a Print