LPKF MiniContac RS Plating Tank

About the Plating Tank

The plating tank allows you to plate copper onto the component holes and vias of your PCB.



All of this means that there might be cases where plating a board is too much trouble, for example if you have fewer than 20 vias and mostly surface-mount components, it’s probably faster to put in Nystrom vias.

Using the plating tank

Overview and Prep Work

The plated PCB process consists of these steps:

Board Sizing

Use these guidelines to size your blank:

  1. The blank’s x dimension must be at least 6.5”. This is because the clamp screws on the board holder can’t hold a narrower board. Maximum: 9”
  2. The y dimension must hold the PCB, with about 1 inch on top to make room for the holder and the airspace above the liquid.

STEP 1: Clean board in Solution #1

STEP 2: Clean board in Solution #2

STEP 3: Prep the board for Solution #3 (“Aktivator 310”)

Step 4. Solution #3

Step 5: Pre PCB for drying and bake dry

STEP 6: Calculate the plating current

Refer to page

Step 7. Solution #4 (Copper plating tank)

Step 8. Finish up.

Step 9. Continue routing your board.