Arbor Press

About this Machine

The arbor press is designed for riveting, swaging, bending, punching, and flattening. The arbor press can be used to press on or remove close-fitting bearings and bushings.

Machine Safety

How to Get Help

Ask a Manager if you have any questions.

Using this Machine

This machine is broken into the following parts,

Index Description
1 Base
2 Anvil
3 Spring Pin 6x16
4 Ram
5 Cap
6 Handle
7 Bolt, Hex M6x25
8 Washer M6
9 Bolt, Hex M6x25
10 Bolt, Hex M6x30
11 Nut, Hex M6
12 Plate
13 SHSS M6x6
14 Pinion Retainer
15 Bolt, Hex M6x12
16 Pinion
17 Knob
18 Lock Washer M6



Mount the arbor press to the workbench or stand and secure with bolts using the holes in the base (1). Also, secure the workbench or stand to the floor.

The ram has a flat surface on one end and a hole on the other end. The hole is used to accept the punch inserts. Change-out the ram as follows:

  1. Remove the handle by loosening the knob (17). Then remove one cap (5) from the handle assembly. Remove handle (6) from the pinion (16).
  2. Remove the pinion retainer (14) by backing off the Set Screw (13). Now slide the pinion retainer (14) off of the pinion (16).
  3. Pull up on the ram (4) enough to provide slack to remove the pinion (16) from the arbor press.
  4. Pull the ram (4) out the top of the arbor press body. Turn the ram (4) end-for-end. Note: if ram does not freely come out of arbor press body loosening the two hex nuts (11) on side of arbor press body and the two hex nuts (11) on the front plate (12).
  5. Repeat steps 1 – 4 in reverse.


  1. Wipe off or vacuum the accumulated debris and dust after using the arbor press.

Maintenance (Manager’s Only)

  1. Periodically lubricate the arbor press with a light machine oil.
  2. Wipe off or vacuum the accumulated debris and dust after using the arbor press.
  3. Periodically check the ram for side-to-side and front-to-back play. If the play is excessive, loosen the hex nuts (11) and adjust (tighten) the screws (10 on side, 9 in front) just enough to eliminate the excess play. Tighten them equally to assure even contact with the ram (4).
  4. Once the play is eliminated, hold the screw (10 or 9) in position and tighten the hex nut (11). Check to make sure the amount of play is acceptable.