Miter Saw

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Unfinished SOP

This procedure is unfinished! Any instructions in here may be incomplete or incorrect.

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About this Machine

This machine is good for chopping up long pieces of material like pipes and boards. It’s also able to make precise angled cuts on the ends of that material. Used wisely, this can be used to make nice-looking frames and boxes.

Machine Safety

This is a big spinning saw. It can easily cut off a finger or throw metal chips into people’s eyes (even if you aren’t cutting metal), or grab loose things.

How to Get Help

The manufacturer’s manual is found above under Useful Links. For help with this tool or other shop tools contact Sean at or visit the EPL when he is working.

Using this Machine

These sections describe the standard usage and common pitfalls.


Ensure that the saw blade is properly mounted (not wobbly or loose) and test the function of the pivot before plugging the saw in. There is a small chrome pin on the left side of the saw near the pivot point. Press the saw down slightly to unbind the pin, and pull the pin out to allow the saw to pivot fully. Once you’re confident the machine is safe to operate, plug it in.

Mark the material where it is to be cut. Use a square to draw cutting lines across the entire width of the material to make proper alignment easier. Secure the material by pushing it firmly into the fence. Important: Ensure that the material is supported by the fence on both sides of the blade for large pieces of material.


Align the material with the saw blade by sighting your marked line with the edge of the saw blade before turning it on. Note that the blade has a 1/8” kerf. Once you’re confident that the material is positioned to be cut, firmly hold the material make sure you hand is well clear of the path of the blade.

Using the trigger in the handle, turn the saw on, and the lower the blade through your material to make a cut. The saw will have some kick when you turn it on. Don’t panic; stay strong.

Once your material is cut, allow the blade to come to a stop before releasing your hold on the material. Remove the material and be careful of splinters on the bak end of the cut surfaces.


After removing your material, lower the blade and reinsert the holding pin, then unplug the machine.


Tips and Tricks