Solder Masks for your PCB

Giving your Board Solder Mask

SOP For ZnO Paste

  1. Turn on laminator to let it warm up about 30 minutes

Making Stencils:

  1. Export just the


  1. Line up stencil on a small board
  2. Spray degreaser on board over the sink and use toothbrush to clean up
  3. Rinse well with water
  4. Dry off really well
  5. Note: Do the film steps away from floresent lights, in the side room with the lights off if possible
  6. Cut out a section of mask oversize by a few millimeters
  7. Place film on board
    • Take off adhesive (dull side)
    • Peal off film
    • lay down without wrinkles
  8. Trim off excces
  9. Run through laminator twice, once in each directon
  10. Chuck the board up
  11. line up the stencil
  12. lay on loads of ZnO
  13. squeegy it down
  14. lift stencil
  15. place in UV light for about 2:00 minutes
  16. Let rest for 5:00 minutes


  1. In a tray mixup 1/4 in of hot water and teaspoon on Na2CO3
  2. Take board out
  3. Lift off protective film on top
  4. Drop into developer
  5. Swirl for a few seconds (it changes color!)
  6. Use toothbrush to scrape off uncured parts
  7. rinse off everything
  8. Inspect under microscope (at this point you can remove some bits by hand)


  1. Place back in the UV cure for anther 5:00 minutes
  2. DONE!

Clean up

  1. Dump Na2CO3
  2. Put away materials, make sure film is light sealed

SOP For Inkjet Printer