Helmholtz Cage

General Notes:

Do not operate the Helmholtz Cage if the vacuum chamber is on!


Do not operate the Helmholtz Cage if the vacuum chamber is on!

Prepping the Cage:

  1. It is safe to put electronic devices inside and around the cage. However, they may disrupt the magnetic field and cause discrepancies in testing data. Be mindful of this and be aware of the testing space surroundings.
  2. Verify that the vacuum chamber is NOT on.
  3. Verify that the coils are secured in the terminal blocks and make sure they are connected to the correct terminals/power supply. No exposed or crossing wires!
  4. Turn on the surge protector. This will power the raspberry pi, monitor, power supplies, and cage.
  5. Let the raspberry pi boot up.
  6. Turn the keyboard and the mouse on. There are spare batteries in the tote just in case.

Operating the Cage Program:


Testing & Analyzing Data:


While the Helmholtz Cage is Running:

Finishing Up:

  1. Once testing is completed, turn off the raspberry pi using the desktop menu.
  2. Wait for the raspberry pi to shutdown completely.
  3. Turn off the keyboard and mouse!! Don’t waste the batteries!
  4. Flip off the surge protector to power down the power supplies, monitor, and cage.
  5. If you adjusted the coil placement, wait until the red wire is cool to the touch before returning the coils to their originally labelled terminals.
  6. Clean up after yourself and keep the workstation organized!