Keithley 2400

General Notes:

SOP Under Construction.

The Keithley 2400-series SourceMeter instrument are complete, single-channel DC parametric testers. The 2400-series instruments include a tightly coupled source/measure engine which minimizes test station development, set-up, nd maintenance time.

About this Machine

Applications include,

-Testing nano-photovoltiacs using I-V, C-V measurements.

-Testing molecular diodes using breakdown voltage, I-V curves, conductance.

-Testing cabon nanotube transistors, switches, arrays, nano-bioelectronics, molecular electronic cells, molecular transistors using I-V measurements.

-Testing carbon nanotube wires, semiconductor nanowires, and copper nanowires using I-V measurements, conductivity, low resistance measurements (1 ohm-100k ohm, 1 ohm - 100 ohm, and 1 micro-ohm - 10 ohm).

-The LabTracer software can coordinate the operation of up to four Series 2400 SourceMeter instruments at once, and collect voltage and/or current readings from any of the instruments, as well as a timestamp for each measurement set.