Becoming an EPL Manager

E.P.L. managers get 24 card key access to the E.P.L., which is fun. However, there are responsibilities that come with the position, and some hoops to jump through. Here’s what you need to know:

Responsibilities for a Volunteer​ ​Manager​:

  1. Train students on machines in the lab
  2. Assist students in the student store
    1. Lockers
    2. Any parts required
    3. User documentation
  3. Put together any lab kits or assist in any way in regards to preparation for the following term as directed by either the Maintenance director or Store director.
  4. Must sign PSU volunteer paperwork
  5. Must attend 1 manager meeting a month (meetings are every other week).
  6. 2 hours a week throughout the term worked between open and close hours (currently 9 AM to 7 PM). Not required to volunteer during breaks.

Here’s how becoming a manager works:

  1. You will need to send an email to the current E.P.L. administrator (currently Chris) at establishing yourself as a candidate for manager. This email should include a little info about yourself. The lab admin will then send you an application to fill out. The date that the application is filled out will be your start date.

  2. You need to be trained on all of the equipment that’s currently being used in the lab. You will also need to be trained in all of the store operations. You have approximately 30 days from your application date to train on all of the equipment.

  3. The admin will email the current manager group and let everyone know you’re about to become a new manager. Any current manager can veto someone trying to become a manager. This may sound arbitrary, but it’s not: it’s specifically to prevent people who aren’t good with other people or with equipment from becoming managers. Becoming a manager is a big responsibility and means keeping people safe, being responsible, and contributing to the community. Some people just aren’t ready for that yet.

  4. Finally, once all this happens, the admin will meet with you and go over becoming a manager (takes about an hour).

  5. After 6 months you can apply to become a paid manager. The instructions to do this are here: Getting Paid