Checkout: Paying for the lab

We charge lab users a small fee for using the machines to help pay for the consumables and maintenance of the lab. Feel free to use the lab and pay at the end of your work for the day so you can pay for everything all at once.

To pay, point a web browser at:


Which will list all of the items we charge for.

NOTE: There are student prices for each item. Non students/staff should pay regular price in addition to a lab use fee (day pass)

For each machine you used click on it’s corresponding item and choose [Add to Basket]. For the 3D printer enter how much material your print used in the Quantity field.

When you’re finished adding items go to your basket and review the list with the manager on duty to make sure you got everything.

To pay click [Checkout] and enter your credit card information and click [Continue Checkout]. You can choose an email or printable receipt at this time.

That’s it!

Thanks for using the lab!